Sensibo Air

Everything awesome about Sensibo
so much better


Smarter than ever. Senses you better.

Save more energy 
Your AC will never run in an empty room again, saving you even more money on energy bills. 

Senses you better
Sensibo Air measures temperature and humidity in multiple locations in the room, sensing you wherever you are.

More comfort and automation
Let Sensibo Air adjust the temperature automatically when you enter the room. Use our Climate React tech with even more sensors.

Introducing Sensibo Air

Redesigned from the ground up. It's not just a smart AC controller, it's an indoor climate ecosystem.

Meet the Room Sensor

Works with Sensibo Air to create the perfect indoor climate experience

  • Motion sensor

    With an always-on motion sensor, your AC and Climate React will turn on and off as needed. Never cool an empty room again.

  • Truly Wireless

    The Bluetooth Low Energy battery powered design gives you the freedom to place the Room Sensor wherever you like. The supplied 2xAAA batteries will last for two years.

  • Temperature and humidity sensor

    Fine tune your comfort. Sensibo senses the temperature and humidity where YOU are. Use Climate React with the Room Sensor for maximal accuracy.

  • Superior climate automation

    The Room Sensor encapsulates years of development, bringing our indoor climate ecosystem to perfection. All the features you love about Sensibo integrate with it in seamless harmony.

What our alpha testers say

We've spent the last few months testing and getting early feedback from our early adopters

With the new Air + Room Sensor combo, I let Sensibo turn off the AC in my bedroom when it's empty. I also schedule the sensor to turn on Climate React when I enter in the evening. Full automation!

As an avid user of Climate React, since I got the upgrade, I've CR to use the sensor temperature instead to adjust the AC settings. I placed the sensor on my desk where I work most of the day - perfect. 

I'm very happy with the change from Sensibo Sky to Sensibo Air. The device itself looks awesome, and a I always put the sky on my desk and not on the wall, it's great to see that it's designed with both scenarios in mind. Now it looks great on my desk. 

Surprised with the ease of setting it up. The Air was super easy to set up using bluetooth, and as for the sensor, I just pulled the battery slip, scanned the QR and that's it - it automatically paired the air&sensor together.

This is great! Our meeting room in the office had the ac running all the time, no one ever bothered to turn it off even if there were no meetings for hours. Now we set Sensibo to turn it off after 20 minutes that everyone left the room - and it's amazing.

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